Contra Quick Tips

Doing the following helps to keep the dance fun, welcoming, and respectful. Check out our Dance Guidelines page for more details and to report concerns.

  • Give the caller your full attention so everyone can hear instructions and announcements

  • Give gentle assistance to newcomers if needed

  • We all make mistakes; keep the mood light

  • Anyone can ask anyone to dance

  • There’s no pressure to accept a dance request

  • Joining the shortest line is a kindness

  • Couples joining a line at the bottom, rather than cutting in, is respectful of of others who have already formed sets

  • If you need to drop out, try to wait until you’re out at the top or bottom

  • Learn to give weight

  • Consider changing shirts or toweling off if you become sweaty

  • This dance is fragrance-free (no perfume, cologne, strong deodorant, excessive body odor, etc.)

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