Contra Quick Tips

Special note: July 18 is Irish Set Dances, July 25 is Squares and Circle dances

Doing the following helps to keep the dance fun, welcoming, and respectful. Check out our Dance Guidelines page for more details and to report concerns.

  • Give the caller your full attention so everyone can hear instructions and announcements

  • Give gentle assistance to newcomers if needed

  • We all make mistakes; keep the mood light

  • Anyone can ask anyone to dance

  • There’s no pressure to accept a dance request

  • Joining the shortest line is a kindness

  • Couples joining a line at the bottom, rather than cutting in, is respectful of of others who have already formed sets

  • If you need to drop out, try to wait until you’re out at the top or bottom

  • Learn to give weight

  • Consider changing shirts or toweling off if you become sweaty

  • This dance is fragrance-free (no perfume, cologne, strong deodorant, excessive body odor, etc.)

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