Our behavior and etiquette guidelines reflect our community values.   Please review the following literature for details on our cultural norms and the behavior we expect from those who participate with us.

Fliers on expectations

Sometimes all is not well, and we need to address issues in a dignified manner.

If you have a concern you wish to report, Click here
Our policies and procedures for responding to concerns are public and transparent:

We welcome your feedback regarding these policies and procedures.  This is an evolving process and will continue to be fine-tuned as needed.
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Our goal is to be open and transparent about our policies and procedures.  We also hope this work may be helpful to other communities. Others are welcome to adopt these documents for their own use.  Please credit or cite the Old Farmers Ball, Asheville, NC., if you use our language under your own organizational name.

Creation of these documents has been a long, detailed, and careful process.  We hope they will be valuable tools for our community.