OFB Harvest House

Please note these changes from last year, and see details below:

  • Waltz is moving to 4th Sunday evenings (no longer 3rd).
  • Family Dance is moving to 4th Sunday afternoons (no longer 2nd).
  • Roots Contra is discontinued at Harvest House, but look for Laura, Karen and Diane at local dances as they take the Roots Contra qualities to regular evening dances.
  • NEW English Country Dance music gathering is added on 2nd Sunday evenings.

All Harvest House events are FREE and open to the public. The Harvest House is located at 205 Kenilworth Road in Asheville.

1st Sundays Callers Collective 6:00-8:00 pm. The Callers Collective at the Harvest House hosts a gathering for callers on occasional first Sundays of the month from 6-8 pm. Led by caller Beth Molaro, the callers collective provides opportunities and guidance for experienced and developing dance callers to share resources and practice together. We welcome anyone who would like to learn to call or work on their calling skills, practice new material or just “talk shop” about calling for dances. Check the OFB calendar to see when the Collective meets next.

2nd Sundays English Country Dance music session: All instruments and skill levels are welcome to come play tunes. We’ll be learning some popular tunes from the Elizabethan period to Jane Austin times to modern. Let’s share our resources and skills and have fun learning these beautiful tunes. Please bring ECD music with you if you have it. If not, we can share. Led by Linda Hunt.

4th Sundays Family Dance 4:00-5:30 pm. A community dance especially aimed at families with school-aged children. Circles, mixers, long-ways, squares, singing-and-clapping games, and other set dances, carefully chosen considering the motor skills and social development of children ages 6-12. (Younger kids may need a little more parental support, but will still have fun). All dances are taught and called; no experience is necessary and all ages are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult, but adults do NOT need to be accompanied by a child. It’s great fun to dance with children and watch the wonder unfold. Also, the Family Dance is open band, so if you play contra dance music, come on out. We encourage youngsters who play an instrument to give it a try as well. Energetic, wholesome, high quality, home-made entertainment. More details here. here.

4th Sundays Community Waltz 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Come dance with friends and work on your waltz moves. Or, come play waltz tunes with the open waltz band. We are refining skills as both waltzers and musicians. All levels are welcome. Enjoy learning from each other in an informal setting. Live music as available; recorded music as needed. Doors open at 6:45 for the band to gather. Led by Suzanne Hosch.