Splashdance 2022

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August 26-28, 2022
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We are looking forward to dancing with you, playing music, singing, splashing in the lake and generally having fun.

Splashdance ticket prices are lower than typical dance weekends because everyone pitches in to make the fun happen!  When you receive your confirmation email, please look for the link to the volunteer signup page. Volunteer early!

Register you, your family and your friends.

Below are 2 payment options:  PayPal and Pay by Check.

Ticket Type Price Spaces
1: Adults, Full Weekend WITH MEALS
Dances , activities, lodging, and full meal plan.
2: Adults, Full Weekend without meals.
Dances, activities, and lodging. Meals NOT included.
3: Teens (12-17), Full Weekend WITH MEALS
Dances, activities, lodging, and full meal plan.
4: Teens (12-17), Full Weekend without meals
Dances, activities, and lodging. Meals NOT included.
5: Kids (6-11), Full Weekend WITH MEALS
Dances, activities, lodging and full meal plan.
6: Kids (6-11), Full Weekend without meals.
Dances, activities, and lodging. Meals NOT included.
7: Toddlers (0-5) free. They can eat all they want. $0.00

Section 2: Who's the group's contact person?
This name and email is the primary contact for your whole group. We'll send your confirmation here - and you might want to forward it to other people that you registered. It will not go into the directory.
THIS IS THE REQUIRED EMAIL ADDRESS! If you're getting an error message, make sure this not empty, and doesn't have a space at the end.

I have read the Waiver of Liability for Splashdance in its entirety and as a fully competent adult of at least eighteen (18) years of age, I freely and voluntarily assume all risks of such injuries and damages. Notwithstanding such risks and disclosures, I agree to participate in the Camp.
I also certify that I am the parent or guardian of anyone under the age of 18 in my group, and hereby give my consent to the above waiver of liability without reservation on their behalf.

By typing your name below, you are signing this waiver.

Section 3: Where will your group sleep?

Other Cabin Factors: If you want to bunk with your friends, tell us who they are. Or give us your preferences re: age-range, gender, quiet/party, etc., and we'll do the best we can to find you the right cabin.
Some cabins are a little uphill / up stairs. Tell us if that's going to be a problem for you.

We can help you carpool if we know your city and state. But it's not required.

Other Comments:
Tell us about food allergies, Faith-based diet issues, special needs, things that would make you happy, etc. We'll do the best we can. (Have you read the details about the camp?)

You should get a confirmation email within a minute. If you don't (check your spam folder too please), or if you have another problem registering,
Tell us!