Open Band

Asheville Open Band

The Asheville Open Band meets twice a month to play tunes from the contra dance repertoire  (and learn Laura Light’s great tricks to thrill dancers with!)

The band is for anyone who either enjoys or wants to enjoy playing contra music. We meet 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 7-9 PM.  A less formal sessoin also meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday, locations vary.

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Set list: Here are the current sets (2-tune pairs) that we’re working on (Current as of Jan 2018) :

  • Sets.pdf: should be readable by any computer
  • an index of the sets, showing the first two bars (“How does that go, again…?”).  Very useful since they’re not in alphabetical order (instead, sets we’ve worked on more recently are later in the list.)
  • With this, your EasyABC Program can display the sheet music and play the tunes for you(!!!).  If you’re a play-by-ear musician, this is magnificent!  (And has thousands more traditional tunes that EasyABC can play for you.  Just type in the tune name.)

Tune list: Here’s the full collection of tunes in alphabetical order (Current as of Jan 2018):

Waltzes: Here are the waltzes (not updated recently)

Lindsay Morris is happy to hear about corrections to this sheet music.  Even better, send in your corrected .abc file.  Or whatever works.