Splash Dance Weekend

Asheville’s Summer Contra Jam – August 24-26, 2018

Registration will open in February. Mark your calendars!

SplashDance is Asheville’s laid-back end-of-summer weekend.

Contra dancing, swimming, musical jamming, singing, and working together with friends old and new create a beautiful vibe.

Check out our 30-second slideshow!

Camp Ton-a-Wandah
Hendersonville, NC, 28739

My first Splash Dance. What a wonderful event!

What really can’t be captured in pictures is the music – what incredible musicians, and so many of you together (wish I’d taken some pics of the bands!)

Dancing, playing music, wonderful weather, water slide!, great food, not enough sleep, old friends & new… We even kept dancing when the sound cut out, everyone sang the tune, and the band came right back in – didn’t miss a step!

Nearly everything is done by all of us volunteering. Amazing. Wonderful. How it oughtta be. Thanks organizers!

Already looking forward to next year…

The 2018 organizing team.

Let us know if you want to help this year.

Splashdance Chair Lindsay Morris Makes everything As You Wish. Open to sensible and level-headed suggestions crazy ideas for fun.
Pre-Registration Goddess AnneMarie Walter Enters you in our registration system; takes your money; reassures you that you have a spot!
Caller Coordinator Diane Silver Finds callers, schedules them, supports them. Hey, is that you?
Musician Wrangler Laura Light Finds musicians, schedules them, supports them. Hey – that might be you!
Waltz Queen Suzanne Hosch Organizes the morning waltzes. Contact her if you want to play for them.  A lovely time for all.
Cabin Assignments Diane Silver Actually reads and considers your comments and requests on the registration form. Gives you a better cabin than you would have picked yourself.
Parking Magician Robert Zieber Figures out how to get you dancing ASAP after you arrive. Gives lots of thought to the process, so please – do what the parking team asks!
Workshop Wizard Beth Harvey Sets up the daily schedule, and gets you on it if it’s the right thing to do.
Volunteer Co-ordinator Victoria Rose Finds you a job that makes you feel proud to have done it.
Chef Harriette Bugel True Color Cooking feeds you excellent meals, 5 times for $35. And snacks as well!

Splashdance at Camp Ton-a-Wandah!

We do all this at Camp Ton-a-Wandah in Hendersonville, NC. It has a very good dance floor,  LOTS of parking and camping spaces, a dining hall built on the dam (it’s actually below water level, very cool!),  and of course, a big lake with lots of paddleboards, kayaks and canoes for us, a fire circle for late-night singing, and more.

The Porch Jam

Musicians! Callers! Dancers!

Dancers — dance to the area’s best musicians working with new and upcoming talent, creating wondrous ‘big band’ sounds from a stage full of musicians. The program has three contra dances, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon, and a variety of other dances, including a kid-friendly session, swing on the beach and late night blues.

Musicians — play and jam with talented volunteer musicians from both our local dance community and far flung communities, including  Paul Moore (Curious George), Nic Coker, June Advincula, Lew Gelfond (Flying the Tune), Laura Light (Avant Gardeners), Emil Olguin from LA (Frequent Flyers), Janet Muse from Charlottesville, Bob Kirkman and many members of the Atlanta Open Band, and of course our own Asheville Open Band.  Many more local and visiting musicians will be appearing!  The music is always great.

There are additional opportunities to play at the other dances, (square, English and barn), waltzes, swing on the beach, late night blues and informal jams.  If you want to play, while not strictly necessary, it’s great to let Laura Light know. For info and tune lists: Open Band Info

Callers —Diane Silver will be coordinating the calling in advance to provide a fluid and varied program for the dancers. So if you want to call, please let Diane know, as she will be scheduling the Fri/Sat slots in advance.

Parents — bring your kids! They can dance Saturday morning, swim and play Saturday afternoon, and enjoy each other’s company with our professional youth activities coordinator, Leah Hyde. Camp has an outdoor playscape, a game room with books, ping-pong, air hockey and a library, and 300 people who play well with each other, as role models.

all — enjoy a wonderful weekend of participant-driven workshops, music, relaxation and dance!

Splash Dance is always such a great weekend. Fantastic dancing with great community band members and callers. Delicious food and plenty of it. A great waterfront for cooling off and playing. Jam sessions, workshops, a drum circle with s’mores and a great community atmosphere with some of the best folks in the world – all for a very reasonable price. — Ann Freeman


2018 August 24- 26. Registration and the beach open Friday at 3pm.


People. Any sort of people, but no pets.

Contra in the Main Dance Hall


  • Lots of dancing — contra, waltz, swing on the beach, late night blues. With one exception, the dances are intended for adults and youth seriously interested in dance. Part of the Saturday morning dance is kid-friendly.
  • Youth activities — there is full range of professionally supervised activities planned for the youth during the dance times.
  • Musical jams — both at the dances and around the camp. Bring your instruments and calling cards.
  • Workshops — led by musicians, dancers, callers and whoever is so inspired. Bring your drums! If you want to lead a workshop, let us know!
  • Swimming — great beach, canoeing, paddle boards, etc..
  • Follies — an adhoc show on the beach by whoever wants to participate.

If you’re interested in running a workshops, send a message to Beth Harvey.


Click here to see last year’s schedule. If you’ve got comments or suggestions for this year, please let Beth Harvey know.


Tent camping is great, if you’re comfortable with that. There are also plenty of cabins (Men, Women, Family) — it’s first come first serve on bunk spaces (though if you ask to bunk with a certain group we’ll try and do that).  Bring your own sheets(twin), blankets, towels, pillow.  It might be chilly: bring a layer.  It might be hot: bring a window fan if you can.  It’s always dark at night: bring a flashlight.

For those looking for more luxurious accommodations, Hendersonville and Flat Rock are both very close.


Harriette Bugel (True Color Cooking) will be running the food show this year, as she has many times in the past.  Tell her about food allergies and preferences on the registration form.

Cost? Camp & Dance, and Meals

Pricing will probably be like last year: Adults, $70 admission, plus $35 for the meal plan (Friday, bring your own dinner to eat in the Dining Hall.  Then enjoy 5 meals by Harriette!). Teens and Kids cost less.

Refund Policy:  If it turns out you can’t make it after all:

  • Tell us by July 23rd, and we’ll give you back ALL your money.
  • Tell us after July 23rd, and we’ll give you back HALF your money.
  • Tell us after Aug 17, sorry, we’re keeping your money.   But …
  • .. If you get stuck, ask us if there’s a waiting list. We’ll connect you if we can.

Limited scholarships are available. Send a request to Victoria Rose.


Camp Ton-a-Wandah
103 Lake Falls Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739   (This address will get your GPS close – then watch for signs.)

Google Map

Other Questions?

Mail the obvious person on the organizer list above, or ask Lindsay.

And please Like our Facebook Event: Splash Dance